OMEGA 800TS Series:

Product range: OMEGA 820TS & 830TS

  • Up to 11,5 m working height
  • Auto and manual leveling –
    5° side / side & 5° fore / aft
  • Lifting capacity up to 3.000 kg (830TS)
  • Radio-graphic remote control – AirLink – Status / info display
  • Double hydraulic powered extension decks.
  • Full proportional controls for ALL motion functions
  • Easy maintenance access to mechanical, electrical and diesel components without raising platform or swinging out trays.
  • CE compliant.
  • On-Board diagnostic system
  • Fully integrated DPF system – with automatic regeneration process sequence starter


Model Range 820TS / 830TS
Type machine Track Scissor lift
Number of slide decks 2 Hydraulic powered
Allowed personal on deck 5
Drive Type Track driven
Engine KUBOTA V2403CR
Max platform height 9,5 m
Max working height 11,5 m
Max platform size Downloads -> Deck configurations and sizes
Level capabilities 5° side / side & 5° fore / aft.
Lifting capacity - 820TS(kg) 2000
Lifting capacity - 830TS(kg) 3000

Available options

Tracks Rubber pads Black or non-marking
AC Supply Via DC-AC convertor or via hydraulic powered generator - AC outlets on the platform
Custom colours In custom colours
Brochure OMEGA 800TS series
Deck configurations and sizes
Operator Manual OMEGA 800TS - EN
Operator Manual OMEGA 800TS - NL
Tech pack - parts and schematics
Tech pack - Add-On option GM11 - mini-cranes

The primary energy source of the 800TS series is a KUBOTA V2403CR engine. An engine equipped with the latest technologies and which is more than sufficient to meet current emission requirements. With the net 48kW this motor provides the necessary torque to drive the track in worst case scenario and raise the platform at maximum load. The central electronic control unit of the platform is directly connected to the ECU of the diesel engine (Via CANBUS interface). Warning and error messages received from the Engine ECU controller are directly reflected at the Info display of the remote and further diagnostic can be achieved via the onboard diagnosis display.

Digital Engine
48 kW | DPF

Slewing gear OMEGA 800TS series

slewing gear

For the rotation an heavy duty oversized slewing gear is applied. Thanks to this oversized slewing gear the upper section – scissor stack / platform – keeps the maximum stiffness. The slewing provides a 90 degrees rotation of the complete upper section – thus modules, scissor stack and platform. The level system is directly below the slew gear ring. As the level system horizontal the upper section, all remains horizontal – even when rotate is set in motion.

RADIOGRAPHIC REMOTE CONTROL – compact – dynamic Display (AirLink) – all proportional
All motions function of the machine can be operated via the wireless remote control. With the three dual axis joystick controllers all movements are proportionally controlled, giving a very smooth and accurate control over each movement. The wireless controller is allowing the operator to move freely over the entire work platform, able to visual check the vicinity for obstruction and people, prior setting a motion in action. At the base the battery charger for the wireless control is at a dedicated position. Default the remote comes with an extra battery. The AirLink Remote control system comes with a dual 2×8 warning and info LED’s – together with a full color information display.
The Display together with the LED’s is a Real-Time System Monitoring system. Status of Height, Load, Inclination, RPM, battery level, Fuel tank level, safety limitations and pre-safety warnings are among the direct feed-back the operator sees in the display.
wireless Remote Control OMEGA 800TS-series - AirLink - With Info display

BASE CONTROL – all essential functions – key lock – onboard diagnostic display
Ground controls OMEGA 800TS-series

Easily accessible lower controls
Easy accessible lower (base) control panel. Most primarily functions can be operated via the control panel, furthermore the Onboard Diagnostic Center is thereto to read out diagnostics and tweak settings. The onboard display provides direct information about errors and maintenance needs. Even that the lower controls is easy accessible, it is well protected against mechanical influences and the unit can be completely switched off against unauthorized use by means of a key switch.

The scissor stack beams are made out of heavy duty reinforcement steel structures beams, capable to withstand the most harsh forces. Each pivot point comes with a dedicated grease fitting. The unique locking ring guarantees a secured lock of the pivot pin.
Heavy Duty Scissor Stack

AC SUPPLY 110Vac / 230Vac / 380Vac – Generator or DC AC Converter
AC Sockets

AC outlet
mechanical protected
With the AC options, several AC-outlet (110Vac, 230Vac, 380Vac) AC outlets are mounted on the platform deck. The widely situated AC outlets are integrated in the steel design structure of the platform, in such a way that maximum mechanical protection is in place, while the outlets are directly accessible. The AC supply is activated via the wireless remote control unit, hence – the operator can act promptly in case of hazardous situation with the AC-supply system. The optional AC supply is available in various designs. In terms of power, voltage and outlet type.

Add-On GM11 – DUAL GLASS CRANE Feature
Add-On option - GM11 Glass Cranes
The GM11 DUAL GLASS CRANE is a common applied option on the 800TS-series.
An unique feature for safe and quick placing glass plates.

In combination with the double Glass trolley option, together with the hydraulic powered front and rear glass lifts, a pack of glass is easily to be loaded on the main deck of the platform. The GM11 crane is equipped with vacuum suction pads, the arm of the crane is operated by a thumb joystick controller, giving precise and accurate control.
The GM11 Glass crane module rolls freely over the full length of the platform. No cables or hoses or any debris on this rail guidance system, the GM11 comes with its own power unit and a dedicated LiFePO4 high efficient battery pack. Thereto can the GM11 also easily be detached of the main deck, in case extra workspace in required.