OMEGA 1200TS Series:

Product range: OMEGA 1220TS, OMEGA & 1230TS

  • Up to 10,5 meter working height
  • Automatic and manual level functions 5° side / side & 5° fore / aft.
  • Wireless remote control
  • 4x hydraulic powered extension decks (up to 60m2)
  • Full proportional control – for all motion functions
  • Easy access to components and engine – for maintenance and inspections
  • On-board diagnose display – shows direct error messages and indicates maintenance needs
  • Complies to latest global emissions standards : STAGE V / TIER 4 Final


Model Range 1220TS / 1230TS
Type machine Track Scissor lift
Number of slide decks 4 hydraulic operated
Allowed personal on deck 5
Drive Type Track driven
Engine KUBOTA V3307CR
Max platform height 8,5 m
Max working height 10,5 m
Weight 18.000 kgup to 21.000 kg
Length 6,9 m
Rotation 90 degrees
Level capabilities 5° side / side & 5° fore / aft.
Lifting capacity - 1020TS 2.000 kg
Lifting capacity - 1030TS 3.000 kg

Available options

Tracks Rubber pads Black or non-marking
AC Supply Via DC-AC convertor or via hydraulic powered generator - AC outlets on the platform
Custom colours In custom colours
Brochure OMEGA 1200TS series
Tech pack - 1200TS

The main power source of the 1200TS is the KUBOTA engine V3307CR. This engine comes with the latest technology in industrial type engines, all global emission standards all well covered with this state-of-the-art engine. With this net 57 kW power source, the OMEGA 1200TS series is well provided to be able to propel itself and lift the platform in most harsh and tough conditions. Engine comes with an ECU controller which is fully integrated in the main control system of the machine. Messages about engine status are rerouted through the onboard diagnostic display.

Digital engine
48 kW | DPF

Lower controls OMEGA 1200TS series

Lower controls
Diagnostic and info display
The lower controls allows all basic functions of the work platform, such as starting and stopping the engine, lowering and lifting and decks extension. The lower controls are equipped with a key switch, able to lock-out the machine, preventing any unauthorized use. The display is giving direct information about status, errors and maintenance needs. The regeneration process and the status of the DPF filter are shown as well at the display.


Heavy duty scissor stack with reinforced beams. Pivot pins are designed with overdone thickness and high grade, high pressure type bearings. Grease fittings on pivot pins are easily reachable. The design on the stack is giving maximum stiffness and thus preventing any deflation.
Heavy scissor stack

Gease fitting on
on each pivto point

AC Sockets

AC outlet
integrated design
De AC outlets are widely present on the platform (110Vac, 230Vac or 380Vac) – these outlets are integrated into the weldment design of the platform, easy accessible, though well protected. De AC outlet are powered to ON by a flip of a switch on the remote control, hence the operator has full control over the AC outlet – giving a full safe working situation. Voltage and power rate are configurable.