OMEGA 400TS Series

Product range: OMEGA 405TS & OMEGA 408TS

  • Up to 10,5 m working height
  • Auto and manual levelling – 5° side / side & 3° fore / aft
  • Removable upper controls
  • Double extension decks – 3 meter length retracted – 5 meter length extended
  • Easy maintenance access to mechanical, electrical and diesel components without raising platform or swinging out trays.
  • Smart monitoring maintenance notification system, providing direct live info about maintenance needs
  • Smooth and precise proportional drive control, with dual joystick controllers – each track individual controlled – and proportional platform lifting
  • Triple per-selectable drive speeds:
    – decisive drive mode
    – high torque drive mode
    – high speed drive mode
  • Onboard diagnostic system – integrated at lower control system


Model Range 405TS / 408TS
Type machine Track Scissor lift
Number of slide decks 2 manual operated
Allowed personal on deck 2
Drive Type Track driven
Engine KUBOTA V1505-E4B
Min platform height 1,8 m
Max platform height 8,5 m
Max working height 10,5 m
Weight 4.500 kg
Length 3,0 m
Width 1,6 m
Height 2,9 m
Platform width 1,6 m
Platform length - retracted 3,0 m
Platform length - extended 5,0 m
Level capabilities 5° side / side & 3° fore / aft.
Lifting capacity - 405TS(kg) 500 kg
Lifting capacity - 408TS(kg) 800 kg

Available options

Control Wireless remote control
Tracks Non-marking tracks
AC Supply Via DC-AC convertor or via hydraulic powered generator - AC outlets on the platform
Custom colours In custom colours
Brochure OMEGA 400TS-series
Operator Manual OMEGA 400TS-series - EN - mfg 2020+
Operator Manual OMEGA 400TS-series - NL - pre 2022
Operator Manual OMEGA 400TS-series - NL - mfg 2022+
Parts illustrated and schematics - OMEGA 400TS-series
See all the feautues and benefits of the OMEGA 400TS series
upper control box

Heavy duty control box
Twin joystick controller
Heavy durable, fibreglass reinforced, water sealed control box. Thanks to the light weight aluminium bracket system, the control box can be mounted LEFT, RIGHT or CENTER, and on any guardrail. Facilitating true visibility when operating it tight areas. Military type toggle switches with rubber protection boots. Easy to operate twin set-up joystick control for proportional lifting and operating the drive tracks. Each joystick operates a single drive track, giving exact control of drive motion!

Components are well secured by steel covers, though easily accessible by with a thereto available key.
Opening the covers provides clear access to all components. One cover / module is dedicated for storage of critical tooling and personal belongings.

Chassis modules

Roll-out deck - roller bearings

Roller type-bearing
Smooth deck operation
One-hand smooth operation of Roll-out decks, thanks to roller type bearings. Bearings as well on the surface as on the support for the decks. Both deck extended creates an ergonomic working area of 5 meter length by 1,6 meter width. The roll-out deck section comes with multiple intermittent locking position. Harness attachment point are integrated in the guardrails, at well-chosen flexible positions.

The option feature – AC power supply outlet – can be powered on, simply by the flip of a toggle switch. A yellow LED gives the operator the information that the AC power outlet is active. Several configurations possible for the outlet, such as the voltage rate – 110Vac, 230Vac or 380Vac and nominal power – up to 5 kW.
AC outlet switch

Easy toggle switch
AC outlet – ON or OFF


18.5 kW (25 HP)
A KUBOTA V1505-E4B engine is the main power source for the OMEGA 400TS Series. A compact a well proven diesel engine that complies with Stage V and TIER 4 final global emission standards. The 400TS series runs several functions at idle RPM – such as level function, slow speed lifting and decisive drive speed. High RPM provides maximum performance and gives the propulsion of the 400TS series a net 18.5 kW power source.

RADIOGRAPHIC REMOTE CONTROL – compact – dynamic Display (air-link) – 2x Dual axis Proportional Joysticks
As an optional feature, the 400TS-series can be equipped with a Wireless Radio-remote controller. The low weight, compact and ergonomic remote control comes with two (2) dual axis proportional joystick controller. Each moving function is operated by these proportional joystick controller. Providing maximum smooth control on each of these functions. The enhanced Air-Link display provides direct feedback information towards the operator. The dynamic display is a dashboard for direct live machine readings. Such as: Engine RPM, battery voltage, current height, load on the platform and much more. The dual vertical LED indicator columns, will lit up at height status, critical machine readings – such as: tilted, overloaded, empty fuel tank. The Air-Link display is thereto such a rich feature, as the operator can interact on readings before serious or critical statuses could occur.
Radiagraphic Remote Controller - Air-Link