OMEGA 600TS Series

Product range: OMEGA 612TS & OMEGA 615TS

  • Standard double hydraulic powered extension decks – reaching a 7,1 meter deck length
  • Easy leveling capabilities, side – side / fore – aft – manual and fully automatic controls
  • Impressive lifting capacity – up to 1.500 kg
  • Dynamic drive enable indicator, gives operator direct information whenever drive is enabled
  • On-Board diagnostic system
  • Platform overload integrated with per-warning notification, preventing overload lock-out scenario
  • Disconnectable upper control box
  • Smart monitoring maintenance notification system, giving direct live info about maintenance needs
  • Smooth and precise proportional drive control, with dual joystick controllers – each track individual controlled – and proportional platform lifting
  • Triple per-selectable drive speeds:
    – decisive drive mode
    – high torque drive mode
    – high speed drive mode
  • The digital KUBOTA Engine D1803CR complies with latest emission standards – TIER 4 FINAL – STAGE V. Electronic monitored and controller by main processor of the 600TS series. Regeration process fully integrated in control interface. Easy and efficient in use and no hassle with complicated engine-control displays and or panels.


Model Range 612TS / 615TS
Type machine Track Scissor lift
Number of slide decks 2
Allowed personal on deck 4
Engine KUBOTA D1803CR
Min platform height 2,1 m
Max platform height 8,2 m
Max working height 10,2 m
Weight 8.340 kg
Length 4,16 m
Width 2,2 m
Height 3,2 m
Platform width 2,2 m
Platform length - retracted 4,0 m
Platform length - extended 7,0 m
Rotation 90 degrees
Level capabilities 5° side to side / 5° fore to aft
Lifting capacity - 612TS(kg) 1250 kg
Lifting capacity - 615TS(kg) 1.500 kg

Available options

Control Wireless remote control
Tracks Non-marking tracks
AC Supply 230Vac middels omvormer of generator
Custom colours In custom colours

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upper control box

Heavy duty control box
Twin joystick controller
Heavy durable, fibreglass reinforced, water sealed control box. Thanks to the light weight aluminium bracket system, the control box can be mounted LEFT, RIGHT or CENTER, and on any guardrail. Facilitating true visibility when operating it tight areas. Military type toggle switches with rubber protection boots. Easy to operate twin set-up joystick control for proportional lifting and operating the drive tracks. Each joystick operates a single drive track, giving exact control of drive motion!

Components are well secured by steel covers, though easily accessible by means of dedicated key.
Opening the covers provides clear access to all components. One cover – module is dedicated for storage of critical tooling and personal belongings.

for storage and maintenance

Working light on the deck

Working lights
strong luminated
The optional feature: strong luminated beamers and the front and rear of the platform. The working lights are making the surroundings lite up in dark working areas. The beams are giving wide angle shine, for overall visibility. Working lights can be switched ON and OFF from the upper controls box – or via the optional wireless control box.

With over 7 meter length deck, the 600TS series is the ultimate cladding scissor lift. The extension decks are operated from the main control box – simple but very effective toggle switch operation – one for each side, moving in and out is arranged by a hydraulic cylinder. Each deck is operated individual. No hassle with hard-to-move decks when heavy load is present on the decks. The decks can also be operated from the base controls.
7,1 meter deck

Ultimate cladding
scissor lift – 7,1 m deck



37 kW (50 Hp)
The 600TS series are powered by the strong performance engine Kubota D1803-CR-T-E5 – Fully electronic controlled engine. The common rail system applied on this engine optimize combustion and create a more durable, quiet and improved fuel-economy engine. Resulting in less fuel consumption, while do More. The engine on the 600TS – feeding the triple hydraulic pump section – provides a net 36 kW power source and meets and exceeds the global emission standards STAGE V and TIER 4 FINAL.