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Omega Group

Omega Group is an important player in the field of aerial work platforms and telehandlers. By combining knowledge and years of experience, Omega Group has developed a unique concept with quality, expertise and security as high priority. This provides the ability to find a solution for any situation where aerial work platforms must be used. We think as a team along with our clients, which ensures we can realize your ideas and to meet your wishes, now and in the future.

Our company is characterized by a high level of expertise and quality. Our employees have years of experience in the field of aerial work platforms and telehandlers. This experience combined with excellent service, ensures that Omega Group is a specialized, reliable partner for everything that has to do with aerial work platforms and telehandlers.

Product lines

Omega 400 series

Omega 600 series

Omega 800 series


Omega Solutions builds aerial work platforms for the user. Our unique way of building allows you to work dynamic in your own specialty. Omega Solutions is a well-know platform designer for every type of aerial work. This brings the advantage that you can reach more by Omega machines in stead of standard machines.

Omega Solutions department is specialist in the field of development and production of aerial work platforms. Due to the extensive experience in developing and building machines we know our platforms from the inside as well as the outside. That makes us able to create the most modern and effective machines in the world. Our aerial work platforms are used by the greenhouse building industry, tunnel building companies and by many rental companies for example Collé Rental & Sales.

Omega Solutions

Designer and builder of
custom made aerial work platforms